Review Policy


As much as I’d love to read and review all your lovely books and help you find your audience, dear authors, I really can’t take on new books/review requests. Please remember that this is only a hobby blog, and I need to dedicate time to other things like my job and studies. I’ll be back soon!




I love fiction, but I might not be the target reader for your book. To know if this blog is the best venue for your book, here’s a little something about me and what I enjoy in terms of literature:

I’m a geek; ergo, I like shounen manga and anime. I also like reading superhero comics. I am forever a fan of books like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson – contemporary fantasy with little emphasis on romance.

When I do read romance, it usually falls under romance comedy. Other times, I read m/m or gay romance that are also under fantasy or paranormal (like Charlie Cochet’s THIRDS series or Jordan L. Hawk’s Whyborne & Griffin).

I like horror (paranormal/supernatural), but not when the main attraction is gore (i.e. like Saw stories). I like shows like Teen Wolf, Penny Dreadful, Sherlock, Merlin, Criminal Minds, and Supernatural.

You can also view the books I’ve already reviewed to see if your story is a good fit for this blog.


Since shipping costs an arm and a leg (I’m from the Philippines), The Book Tales would be glad with just soft copies like .mobi since I read on my phone and tablet. Just send it to I review books from indie-published and traditionally published authors.

NOTE: Due to the number of review requests we get, we might take a really long time in getting back to you.

You can send your inquiries through here: