Pre-Made & Custom-Made eBook Cover Designs

In need of a pre-made book cover design?

Check out this page for professionally designed ebook covers that cost $50 or less.


After you “Buy”, you can use the form below or send me an email ( with the following details:

Subject: Bought [Name of the Cover Design]

In the email:


Give me the following details:
a. title and/or subtitle
b. author name
c. minor revisions like change of font color or typeface (if the one you have in mind is free for commercial use)
d. taglines, series name, other details


Allow 1-2 days delivery for the ebook cover. I will send you the cover design with the author name and title, etc. as:

JPEG image
3000×4500; 300 dpi


Need something specific? Custom-made covers are from $50-$150. It will depend on the layers and the amount of time and work needed. Get a discount if it’s a series of 3 books or more.


Pre-Made Ebook Cover Designs SALE

Dead Heroes $25.00

action military ebook cover design
action – thriller – military


From Below $20.00

action - thriller ebook cover design
action – thriller


Run $20

cowboy - mystery - detective ebook cover design
cowboy – mystery – detective

Ghost of the Darkwoods $30

paranormal - romance ebook cover design
paranormal – romance – horror


Cecilia $35

romance - classic - historical ebook cover design
romance – slice of life – classic – historical


Song of the Sparrows – $25.00 Click Here

romance ebook cover design
romance – life

Love for Christmas – $25.00 Click Here

love christmas ebook cover design
love – christmas – holidays


Custom-Made eBook Cover Design

You can use the Contact Form below to tell me about the kind of cover design you want. Be as specific as you can, and if you can provide examples of other book covers, that would be great. Looking forward to working with you!